The Luxe Group offers variety of real-estate services. With years of experience in the industry, we are known for our prestigious real-estate services designed to provide the best care and knowledge to our clients. We understand the varying needs of customers from the real-estate industry and provide the following excellent white glove services that are known for surpassing clients’ expectations and industry standards.

De-Cluttering and Re-organization
Need a hand? We are happy to send in a crew to help pack, box, wrap your belongings.

Junk Removal
Where did all this stuff come from? Getting your home in perfect condition and ready to hit the market requires a lot of work. To make it easier we are happy yo have a bin delivered to our clients driveway in order to make the tossing and decluttering an easier process. This is on us!

Professional Painters
Paint touch ups from holes in the wall or a fresh coat of paint in the newest trendy colours? We are here to help and consult.

Professional Staging
We have our own inventory of props and decor and rent certain pieces in order to get your home in perfect condition for the market. Our added value services ensure you will get the absolute top dollar for your home.

Pre-listing Home Inspections
In order to help our clients, achieve their goals and make sure that the houses we are selling are up to standard we arrange pre-listing home inspections, which help us assess whether or not your house is up to standard for selling, or if you can improve/upgrade it in any way to increase its market value.

Moving Guidance
Moving is tenuous work and requires covering different aspects. We have a unique online tool that keeps our clients on track and organizes their move hassle free.

Professional Video and Photos
Our professional walk throughs, drones, videos and photos taken will showcase your home through many media outlets including the MLS attracting many buyers.

In-house Lawyers
At the Luxe Group, we are very fortunate to have our preferred lawyers on call 247. DKS Law in Aurora treats our clients with 5 star treatment. They also have a commissioner who will travel 250k to get documents signed if coming into their office is not idea.

In-house Mortgage Brokers
If you are looking for financial services for your real-estate issues then you don’t need to go anywhere, because the Luxe Group offers an expert team of in-house mortgage brokers who will help you through the entire process. Or if you want to pull out equity in your current home to invest in real estate – we are happy to advise on that.